Worth it or nah: Black Opal Shade ID Kit

The hassle of buying makeup online

Buying making online  can be a doughting experience, especially when you’re not sure how well it will match your skin. I’ve have bought the wrong shade several times which is a reason I like higher end foundations as I’m able to try it out before buying. But that all changed when browsing the Black Opal Beauty website. 

I did some research online for info on the Black Opal shade kit, but I personally have not found any other posts regarding this, so I figured, why not see for myself and share it on my blog! And there, I decided to try out their Shade ID Kit.

Front and back of foundation shade samples
Front and back of foundation shade samples
 What you get in Shade kit

The kit comes with three foundation cards: two cards with True Color Skin Perfecting Stick Foundation SPF 15 shades  and one card with True Color Pore Perfecting Foundation. Each card has 6 foundations each. Since I already have a liquid foundation that I love (Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 in the shade Golden Almond 6.75), I only tried the stick foundation sample.

contents of shade kit
Contents of shade kit
Which shade am I?

 Based on the chart here, I figured I’m likely either Amber, Beautiful Bronze, or Au Chocolat.  Unfortunately, Au Chocolat was not included in the kit (likely since it’s such a new color). I know for a fact that Nutmeg was way to yellow on me when I tried it several years ago.

When testing my jawline, the best color match for me was Amber. But after letting sit on my skin for around 2-3 hours, Nutmeg appeared to oxidize (became more orange) and become darker than Amber

Black Opal foundation stick swatches
(from top to bottom: Black Walnut, Carob, Hazelnut, Beautiful Bronze, Amber, Nutmeg)
Choosing color and product

When browsing for products in Au Chocolat, potential color match, I could only find the stick foundation, for normal to dry skin, and the Mineral Matte Creme to Powder foundation, which is meant for normal to oily skin. I’d prefer a full on powder, but I’m willing to give the creme to powder a try  since Au Chocolat is a potential match. When browsing products in Amber, I was able to find pressed powder, which I will surely try. 

What I liked about the kit

 I really liked that fact that I didn’t have to fully commit to a fully size product and I was able to try multiple shades. I really enjoyed that the shades and undertones vary the match a multitude of deeper complexions. My only issue is that not all shades were available in kit. 

Just so you know

Other companies offer shade kits to help you find your perfect match without committing to a full size (you  can find shade kits from BlackUp Cosmetics here). 

The Lindeza project: upgrading my hosting

Update on Hunger games quiz

So I finally finished the the HTML and Javascript for my hunger games quiz. I’m currently working on the CSS portion. I should be finished within the next few days if I play my cards right.

Changing my hosting plan

So after many failed attempts to use Flywheel as a version control for my site, I decided to do a bit more research. I eventually found that my current hosting plan with Siteground does not support GIT version control and I will have to upgrade my plan to GoGeek (it has pre-installed GIT). Before upgrading to this plan, I will contact Siteground to be sure I can link any repositories made with this site to my own personal git account. To read more about git version, click here

Worth it or nah?: Black Radiance Liquid lipstick

For starters

On my weekly run to Target, I just so happen to find a little gem for $3.99. I usually stay away from drugstore liquid lipsticks as most I’ve had an allergic reaction too. But due to the price, I’d figure I test it on my hand and see if there was a reaction. 

Black Radiance liquid lipstick
Black Radiance liquid lipstick in 5041
What I like

I really like the texture when applying this. Its has more of a cream consistancy (similar to the NYX matte lip cream), but will dry down matte in 30 seconds or less. I also  was able to layer on a second layer with no change in texture of feel.

What I didn’t like

My only issue with this was packaging. Whenever I would put the wand back in, product would come out of the top, which could lead to color getting everywhere and product waste. 

Worth it or Nah?

For $3.99, this is a great buy! It wears well/long lasting, no allergic reaction, applies evenly, and has great color options for those with deeper skintones like myself. Most definitely worth it!

The Lindeza project: What I’m working on

I’ll call it the lindeza project

Since I’ll be documenting my web development progress (which you can read about here), I’ve decided to call it, drumroll please…. The Lindeza Project. Basic title, I know, but I like simple and too the point names so I always remember what it’s for.

Hunger games quiz project

As some of you may know, I’m working on some projects for my web development portfolio.  Currently, I’m working on building a Hunger Games quiz. So far, I have my HTML set up, but I’m having some difficulties with my javascript working and displaying, but that’s what w3school.com and stackoverflow.com are for! Since I tend to spend TOO much time on CSS, I’ve decided to keep the overall look fairly simple. Also, I normally use code writer to write my practice code and then place it in Notepad ++, but I found this constant switching to confuse me often . With this project, I’ll be using good ole plain lined paper and pencil (taking it back to the basics!). 



Adding my journey on web development

WordPress logo


Taking a dive into web development

so here’s my Plan

As some of you may know, I am currently in the midst of improving my web development skills as well as searching for a job in web development. As I grow in this journey, I would love to share some of my projects with you. I will only be sharing projects that I am working on from now on moving forward. I’m hoping by doing this, I can help create accountability for finishing my projects completely, have another outlet to display them on, and get feedback. Currently, the main concepts that I am working on are HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. While I’ve dappled in Javascript for about one year now, PHP is relatively new for me and I’ve just barely gotten my feet wet. 

How it all started

Initially, I started my blog on wordpress.com (you can still see my older post here), which was very easy to use. But after finding out that I didn’t own my content on that platform, I decided to set out and find an option that allowed me to own my content that I created. Alas, found great hosting, downloaded WordPress from wordpress.org , and set on a new journey to learn  wordpress.

From there my interest grew

In August 2017, I went to WordCamp in Sacramento which had a beginner track course for newbies like myself (I highly recommend attending and check out more info here).  Helped me install WordPress and had one-on-one assistance for an issues or questions I had (very beginner friendly).  Since, I’ve slowly worked on building my website on own with simple YouTube and only resources. Let me tell you, the struggle is REAL (LOL! yes, it sure is), but I’ve learned so much since I originally started this jou

Currently, I’m in the midst of importing my site with a new program to try  out a new form of version control ( you can read about that here). I’ve been struggling with this for the past few weeks as the program won’t take my back files! But  I’m having some issues, but working it all out. That’s the fun of it, right?

What to look forward to on my blog

Be sure to look out for post regarding beauty and and updates on some of the projects I am working on. I’m currently learning many web development aspects on my own, so please be patience as the learning curve for the front and back end of web development is huge (especially when coming from a non-technical background). 

Feel Free to share your experience

I would love to hear some of you stories and experiences in tech. Also, feel free to share any projects or concepts that you are working on


Worth it or nah?: Black Radiance BB cream

My thoughts

There’s nothing more I love than a light bb cream that evens skin tone and feels light. Lately, I’ve been using the Black Radiance BB cream in Honey Amber which I purchased at Walmart for $5.99 (being mindful that you must find this product at “demographically placed” meaning that is product is only placed in areas with a high black population).

 When initially putting this on with a blending brush, it felt a bit heavy compared to my usually foundations (Bobbi Brown stick foundation in Golden Almond 6.75). When putting this on with my Real Techniques  Complexion sponge, it felt lighter and more breathable (which I have been loving recently!) As a primer, I used Boscia T zone Treament  (be sure to check out my review here).  To set my face,  the translucent loose powder by Sasha Cosmetics.

Is it worth it or nah?

Overall, I like that there is a company creating an array of BB creams for people with deeper skin tones (normally there is only 1-2 shades for brown girls). Like most bb creams, this works great if you are only looking light coverage to even out skin, but you’ll need a concealer if you have more areas that need coverage.

Are you a fan of BB creams? Feel free to share your thought below!

Morning skincare routine

Finding a routine that works for me

My skincare routine has changed greatly over the past few years. From acne to wrinkles and everything in between, I’ve altered my skincare routine to help improve the clarity and texture of my skin. Be sure to check out my nightly routine here.


The first product used is the Aveeno Clear Complexion cream cleanser.  When choosing a face cleanser, I’m sure to pick something that gentle on my skin. Sometimes if I’m experiencing more breakouts than usual, I will use the Alba Botanica Acnedote Face and Body scrub (I also use this on my back and shoulders to help prevent breakouts). 


After allowing my face to dry, I will wet a cotton ball with Pixi Glo Tonic, which you can read a review here. After allowing my skin to dry (after a minute or so), I will use a nickel size of 5% benzyl peroxide (I’ve been using Replenix 5% benzyl peroxide  ). After using this, I allow my face to dry for around 5- 10 minutes.  Then I use Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen (you can read my review for this sunscreen here) all over my face and neck. This sunscreen won’t irritate my sensitive skin and won’t leave white cast on dark skin. 

If my skin is a bit parched

If my skin is feeling slightly drier than usually, I will moisturize with  MAC fix plus or with Tarte 4 in 1 setting spray.

Keeping up with change

I’ve realized that some products just don’t work well for me and I have to change or find something new to get my desired effects on my skin. 

What are some of your favorites products in you daily routine?




November empties

November has come and gone so quickly! Here are the products that I’ve used up completely in this past month:
  • Schmidt’s natural deodorant: This stuff is amazing!! I had to stop using regular antiperspirant due to constant skin irritation/rash. After doing watching a review my jambeauty89 on YouTube, I decided to give it a try and was so pleased with the results. Obviously, I’ll continue to repurchase this.
  • Essie Disappearing Trick cuticle remover: I bought this on a whim while at TJ Maxx on a whim and was surprised at home much I liked this. The consistency is gel-like and squeezable packaging makes placing the product on the nail a breeze. Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued. I’ll be on the hurt for something similar.
  • Truly Relaxed Intense Moisturizing Shampoo: I’ve been using this every other week on wash days ( I wash and deep condition my hair once a week). This gently cleanses my hair without over drying. I recommend  and will continue to repurchase.