October 2017 empties

Here are products that I emptied in October 2017

1. Redness Relief eye drops from Walgreens

Great at relieving dryness/redness in my after long computer usage. 

2. Lavender essential oil

October 2017 emptiesOne of my favorite ways to relax and refresh a room is to use essential oils with Lavender essential oil being the most frequently used. I just drip a few drops in a oil dispenser and I’m good to go! I normally buy mine from TJ Maxx.

3. Pixi Glo tonic

This helps to brighten skin and clear minor acne. Most toners that I have tried either over-dry my skin or burn, but this does neither. You can check out my review for this product here.


4. Urban Decay de-Slick setting spray

Helped set makeup for longer wear (helped prevent makeup from settling in lines), but it did not really keep me matte compared to original formula, which is one of my favorite setting sprays.

4. Herbal Essences curl silkening detangler

Made my hair smell really good,  did nothing for detangling or moisturizing. This might work better on other hair textures.

5. Biosilk Silk Therapy Leave-In conditioner

Able to moisturize hair and spread product quickly (great for mornings when I didn’t have time), but the smell could be over whelming for those with sensitivities to scents.

6. Carmex original lip balm

I’ve learned over the past few years that my lips can be very sensitive to new products. This helps prevent chapped lips and soothe allergic reaction when testing lip products.

Have you guys finished any products recently? Feel free to share your thoughts below. To read my empties challenge post, click here.

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