Morning skincare routine

My skin has changed greatly over the past few years. From acne to wrinkles and everything in between, I’ve altered my skincare routine to help improve the clarity and texture of my skin. Be sure to check out my nightly routine here.

The first product used is the Aveeno Clear Complexion cream cleanser. Sometimes if I’m experiencing more breakouts than usual, I will use the Alba Botanica Acnedote Face and Body scrub (I also use this on my back and shoulders to help prevent breakouts). 

After allowing my face to dry, I will wet a cotton ball with Pixi Glo Tonic, which you can read a review here. After allowing my skin to dry (after a minute or so), I will use a nickel size of 5% benzyl peroxide (I’ve been using Replenix 5% benzyl peroxide  ). After using this, I allow my face to dry for around 5- 10 minutes.  Then I use Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen (you can read my review for this sunscreen here) all over my face and neck. This sunscreen won’t irritate my sensitive skin and won’t leave white cast on dark skin. 

If my skin is feeling slightly drier than usually, I will moisturize with  MAC fix plus or with Tarte 4 in 1 setting spray.

What are some of your favorites products in you daily routine?




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