Inclusivity in Beauty: Here to Stay or Nah?

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I recently watched a video from one of my favorite beauty bloggers, The Style & Beauty Doctor. She posed an interesting question: Is inclusivity here to stay or just a trend? You can see her video and blog here

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My perspective on the beauty industry

As a person with deep skin, I’ve ALWAYS noticed that makeup companies never had the same options for me as someone with lighter skin. I have grown accustomed to not having my shade available in mainstream stores like Sephora or Ulta.  So to see many companies making more shades available is quite refreshing and surprising. 

I  appreciate the strides made in the beauty industry with companies such as Fenty Beauty and Beauty Bakerie. These brands are  simply listening to the needs that those with darker complexions have been complaining about for years.  These companies did not have to ‘come up’ with a new idea. They simply  made strides to make inclusion a norm.

Here to stay or nah?

I think the key to having inclusivity continuing is starting with diversity in  the boardrooms.  Similar to the entertainment industry, there are not many people of color (POC) in the developmental stages for most beauty products. Its easy to put the struggles off for those of us with dark skin if there is no one other concerns with said issue in the beginning stages.

How can inclusivity be long term?

I think that inclusivity definitively has potential to be a complete movement redefining standards, but these corporations have more to do than simply make darker foundation colors. For starters, training on working with various skin tones is definitely needed. As a person with dark complexion, I can’t tell you how frustrating it can be going into Sephora or Ulta and dealing with an associate that clearly doesn’t know ANYTHING about colors and undertones that work for deeper complexions. 

What is your take?

Do you think inclusivity  has permanently changed the beauty industry or do you think that this is simply a fad that will soon pass? Feel free the share your thoughts!

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