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With all the new launches and advances in the cosmetic industry, its safe to say that things can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are new to make up. Well, I’m here to help break down  some of the confusion for you.

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Types of  powders for face

There are three types of powders I will discuss: pressed/loose powder and  translucent powder. 

Pressed/loose powder

This type of powder is usually marketed simply as pressed or loose powder. This will  add color when used to set foundation or concealer. This is great if you would like to add more coverage to your makeup or lighten/darken foundation if you would like. Be mindful, that a powder foundation will give even more coverage than a standard powder.  Since this will add color to your foundation, be sure to choose a color close to your skin tone.

Examples of these powders are

Typically, you will see pressed or loose powders in skin tone colors or yellow. Yellow is typically used to set under eye concealer or highlight areas. Deeper or brighter yellow powders will look best on dark skin while powder of a lighter hue will be best for lighter skin tones. 

Yellow/Banana powders

These are yellow powders usually used to brighten and highlight. Usuallly, a light yellow powder will look great light to medium skin tones (think Ben Nye banana powder). Deeper skin tones will look best with a deeper yellow powder such as the Sasha Buttercup powder

Translucent powder 

Traditional l translucent powders are white or beige and will typically look best on light to medium skin tones.  On deeper skin tones, traditional translucent powders have a tendency to alter foundation or give major flashback. 

As far as I’m aware, the following companies have translucent powders specially for deeper skin tones.  These companies include the following


swatches of powders
From left to right: Fashion Fair loose powder in Pecan, Sephora Collection Beauty Amplifer Pressed setting powder, and Laura Mercier translucent medium-deep powder were used to set L’oreal True Match Foundation in N8

How to start off with powders

One thing you can do if you are completely new to powders is to try samples. Camera Ready Cosmetics offers powder samples to try before committing to a full size. There are also various brands from drug/beauty store such as L.A Girl and NYX to high end such as Kevin Aucion and Koh Gen Do. 

What are your favorite powders? Any future makeup launches sparking your interest? Feel free to share below!


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