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May Favorites

Here is a list of products that I have finished this month Olive Oil girls leave in conditioner/detangler E.L.F mist ...
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Worth it or nah: Black Opal Shade ID Kit

The hassle of buying makeup online Buying making online can be a doughting experience, especially when you're not sure how ...
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The Lindeza project: upgrading my hosting

Update on Hunger games quiz So I finally finished the the HTML and Javascript for my hunger games quiz. I'm ...
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Worth it or nah?: Black Radiance Liquid lipstick

Stumbling upon this drugstore lipstick While on my weekly run to Target, I just so happen to find the Black ...
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The Lindeza project: What I’m working on

I'll call it the lindeza project Since I'll be documenting my web development progress (which you can read about here), ...
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Adding my journey on web development

Taking a dive into web development so here's my Plan As some of you may know, I am currently in ...
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