Let’s talk about my skin

The struggle has been real

Since reaching the tender age of 28, I’ve noticed some serious changes. My skin has moved away from being completely oily, to more combination with my T-zone being lightly to moderately oily and normal to dry skin on my cheeks. My biggest skin concern for most of my life has been acne. Acne is embarrassing for all of us no matter your age, but there a sense of ‘Shouldn’t I be over this stage already?” when you’re over a certain age. I’ve also noticed that my mild moderate acne is concentrated on my skin. Since my skin changed so drastically, I had to stop using many of the acne products due to being too harsh.

Benzoyl Peroxide

I’ve been using benzyl peroxide since I was a teenager. That being said, not all benzyl peroxides are made equally. I typically use 5% from Dermstore.com. Currently, I’m using Replenix 5% benzyl peroxide that I bought from , which has helped with some of my acne. For me, 10% was to irritating and 2.5% made no real difference in my skin.


Although I used this product on and off as a teenager, I’ve recently started using retinol again. The cool thing about this product is that it not only treats acne, but it can treat wrinkles as well (a preventative measure for me now). I used a prescription version, but opted for a drugstore or a form that was more easily accessible without prescription. First, I tried ROC  retinol correction deep wrinkle night cream (form of retinol) which made my skin very soft, but did nothing to help my acne and stopped using after nightly use for one month. Lately, I’ve been using Murad Youth Serum which has made a huge difference.

Feel free to leave a comment regarding your skin and the products you use.

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