Lipstick series: Pretty in Pink by Mented Cosmetics

lipstick packaging
Mented Cosmetics lipstick packaging

Lipstick series: Pretty in Pink by Mented Cosmetics

Recently I picked up a new lipstick by Mented Cosmetics. A new addition to my lipstick collection is Pretty in Pink by Mented Cosmetics

Can a girl with dark skin even wear pink lipstick?

As some of my beautiful bronze peers would know, finding a nice pink lipstick for dark skin without looking like Tyrone Biggims just drank Peptol Bismol can be vary frustrating. I found more often than not, most pink lipstick were not made with me in mind and often shyed away from pink because of this. 

A pink lipstick specifically for dark girls

Out of this same frustration, a new cosmetics company was born, Mented Cosmetics

I ordered this lipstick from their website  and the cost was $16.50. This company makes nude lipstick specially for women with deeper skintones. I highly commended them for making a product that covers the needs of women with deeper complexion (like myself) when many mainstream companies typically will neglect us or. 

Pretty in Pink lip swatch
Mented Cosmetics Pretty in Pink swatch

My thoughts

This is a vibrant pink with slight brown undertones that looks beautiful on my skin, but I would prefer a liner with this in order to feel more comfortable wearing it. If you have a dark to deep complexion, this is a great option to introduce pinks if one finds pinks to be intimidating. This lipstick has a satin finish and was very comfortable to wear. 

For those of you not familiar with my skin, be sure to check out my About Me page.




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