Adding my journey on web development


Taking a dive into web development

so here’s my Plan

As some of you may know, I am currently in the midst of improving my web development skills as well as searching for a job in web development. As I grow in this journey, I would love to share some of my projects with you. I will only be sharing projects that I am working on from now on moving forward. I’m hoping by doing this, I can help create accountability for finishing my projects completely, have another outlet to display them on, and get feedback. Currently, the main concepts that I am working on are HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. While I’ve dappled in Javascript for about one year now, PHP is relatively new for me and I’ve just barely gotten my feet wet. 

How it all started

Initially, I started my blog on (you can still see my older post here), which was very easy to use. But after finding out that I didn’t own my content on that platform, I decided to set out and find an option that allowed me to own my content that I created. Alas, found great hosting, downloaded WordPress from , and set on a new journey to learn  wordpress.

From there my interest grew

In August 2017, I went to WordCamp in Sacramento which had a beginner track course for newbies like myself (I highly recommend attending and check out more info here).  Helped me install WordPress and had one-on-one assistance for an issues or questions I had (very beginner friendly).  Since, I’ve slowly worked on building my website on own with simple YouTube and only resources. Let me tell you, the struggle is REAL (LOL! yes, it sure is), but I’ve learned so much since I originally started this jou

Currently, I’m in the midst of importing my site with a new program to try  out a new form of version control ( you can read about that here). I’ve been struggling with this for the past few weeks as the program won’t take my back files! But  I’m having some issues, but working it all out. That’s the fun of it, right?

What to look forward to on my blog

Be sure to look out for post regarding beauty and and updates on some of the projects I am working on. I’m currently learning many web development aspects on my own, so please be patience as the learning curve for the front and back end of web development is huge (especially when coming from a non-technical background). 

Feel Free to share your experience

I would love to hear some of you stories and experiences in tech. Also, feel free to share any projects or concepts that you are working on


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