The Lindeza project: What I’m working on

I’ll call it the lindeza project

Since I’ll be documenting my web development progress (which you can read about here), I’ve decided to call it, drumroll please…. The Lindeza Project. Basic title, I know, but I like simple and too the point names so I always remember what it’s for.

Hunger games quiz project

As some of you may know, I’m working on some projects for my web development portfolio.  Currently, I’m working on building a Hunger Games quiz. So far, I have my HTML set up, but I’m having some difficulties with my javascript working and displaying, but that’s what and are for! Since I tend to spend TOO much time on CSS, I’ve decided to keep the overall look fairly simple. Also, I normally use code writer to write my practice code and then place it in Notepad ++, but I found this constant switching to confuse me often . With this project, I’ll be using good ole plain lined paper and pencil (taking it back to the basics!). 



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