Worth it or nah?: Black Radiance Liquid lipstick


Stumbling upon this drugstore lipstick

While on my weekly run to Target, I just so happen to find the  Black Radiance liquid lipstick for $3.99. I normally try to stay away from the drugstore ailse ( I’ll spend majority of my time in Target there and buy not one beauty item).  I usually stay away from drugstore liquid lipsticks as most I’ve had an allergic reaction too. But due to the price, I’d figure I test it on my hand and see if there was a reaction. 

Black Radiance liquid lipstick
Black Radiance liquid lipstick in 5041
What I like

I really like the texture when applying this. Its has more of a cream consistancy (similar to the NYX matte lip cream), but will dry down matte in 30 seconds or less. I also  was able to layer on a second layer with no change in texture of feel.

What I didn’t like

My only issue with this was packaging. Whenever I would put the wand back in, product would come out of the top, which could lead to color getting everywhere and product waste. 

Worth it or Nah?

For $3.99, this is a great buy! It wears well/long lasting, no allergic reaction, applies evenly, and has great color options for those with deeper skintones like myself. Most definitely worth it!

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