Worth it or nah?: Black Radiance Liquid lipstick


Stumbling upon this drugstore lipstick

While on my weekly run to Target, I just so happen to find the  Black Radiance liquid lipstick for $3.99. I normally try to stay away from the drugstore ailse ( I’ll spend majority of my time in Target there and buy not one beauty item).  I usually stay away from drugstore liquid lipsticks as most I’ve had an allergic Continue reading “Worth it or nah?: Black Radiance Liquid lipstick”

October 2017 empties

Here are products that I emptied in October 2017

1. Redness Relief eye drops from Walgreens

Great at relieving dryness/redness in my after long computer usage. 

2. Lavender essential oil

October 2017 emptiesOne of my favorite ways to relax and refresh a room is to use essential oils with Lavender essential oil being the most frequently used. I just drip a few drops in a oil dispenser and I’m good to go! I normally buy mine from TJ Maxx.

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